Education and Training

The University of Western Ontario

BA (Hons) Spec. Media, Information, and Technology
Minor – Writing

*Published in MIT Undergraduate Journal Mediations (2013)



Don Miller’s StoryBrand™

“An online video course to help you connect with customers, revolutionize your marketing and grow your company.”



Rachel Miller’s Facebook Page Strategies

An online blueprint to quickly growing massive, engaged Facebook audiences.



Jeff Walker’s Product Launch Formula™

“Learn How to Launch your Product, Service, Book, or Business With Maximum Success!”



Ryan Holiday: Smart PR for Artists and Entrepreneurs

“Proven strategies and techniques from Ryan Holiday, who at the age of 23yrs, landed one of the most high profile marketing jobs as Marketing Director of American Apparel.”



Funnel Hacking Live

A 3 day live intensive hosted by ClickFunnels founder Russell Brunson and other top sales and marketing experts.



James Wedmore’s Facebook Video Ads Training

Learn how to create and promote high-converting video ads on Facebook with video marketing expert James Wedmore.